T-2-4 Goal

A Transformative Goal

When people talk about what makes our community, and our schools great, they use words like vision, passion, leadership, character, commitment and possibilities. Words have power. They define who we are, they inform what we value, and they shape our actions.
Words like these form the fabric of a tradition in Spring Branch that is alive today - now more than ever - one that can be seen in our district’s transformative and groundbreaking goal known as Spring Branch T-2-4.
Spring Branch T-2-4, what some are calling our moon shot or north star, is guiding our district teachers, schools and leadership as they work together in shaping the future of education for the benefit of students, area families, and the larger community.


Our shared beliefs are at the core of T-2-4:

  • Builds on the strengths and gifts of Every Child;
  • Provides students from poverty the same opportunity for success after high school as students from non-poverty homes;
  • Instills in every child that they can achieve more than they think possible, and;
  • Ensures that every adult in the system is committed to the successful completion of some form of higher education.

What does T-2-4 success look like?

  • Every SBISD graduate will attain a technical certificate, military training, or a two-year or four-year degree
  • SBISD will increase the number of students achieving T-2-4 from 44% to 72% by 2022.